In lectures, symposia and talks, the Kunstverein Bielefeld reflects on the state of discussion in art, culture and society, inviting the participation of artists, theorists and other figures from a wide variety of disciplines.

A public talk is held at 15:00 on the Saturday following the opening of every exhibition the Kunstverein stages. The event features the artist(s) featured in the exhibition. We warmly invite all to come along and discover contemporary art through direct dialogue with the artists involved.

The event program always includes lectures offering a wide range of perspectives on the exhibitions. In the context of the exhibition What We Mean by Freedom, Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch (Philosophy and Aesthetics, HfG Offenbach) was invited to speak about the freedom of art. For International Women’s Day, in the context of the exhibition Les lèvres rouges by Julie Béna, Dr. Britta Hochkirchen (History of Art and Images, Bielefeld University) gave a lecture entitled Women’s Gaze: Exhibiting as a Feminist Practice. The event took place in cooperation with the Künstlerinnenforum Bielefeld-OWL e.V. In context of the exhibition The Immanent Horizon, a conversation with Prof. Dr. Ilka Becker (Art History, University of Applied Sciences Mainz) and Prof. Dr. Hanne Loreck (Art and Cultural Sciences, University of Fine Arts Hamburg) was presented. For the exhibition TUC by Vaclav Pozarek a lecture by Valérie Knoll (director, Kunsthalle Bern) took place.

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Conversation about the freedom of art between Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch and Nadine Droste on 13.01.2020 at Kunstverein Bielefeld. Photo: Felix Hüffelmann